Guelph. How did I get here? A city that sleeps… the streets are dead at 9pm! It’s been 3 weeks of aggy-central and I’m about to burst. Although I can’t complain too much I have been keeping myself busy. Biking has become my new stress reliever… it gives me a sense of adventure in a city that consists of cookie-cutter houses and bleach blonde mall-goers. Some days I would be out for 2 hours exploring…(sniffing out an ounce of cool)…I found nothing (would have loved to have taken some pics, you would have been bored out of your mind).

Although, there is an advantage to the ghost town… there is no traffic! I sail down the streets with out a worry in the world that I will be cut off by a taxi pulling into the bike lane or a pedestrian J-walking… that caution is right where I left it - in Toronto. Let’s be serious, I love Toronto! Crazy driver’s and oblivious walkers are part of the charm… it’s amazing how the cars and pedestrians move together as though it were a dance. Try street watching some time in Toronto, you’ll understand what I mean.

Without the hussel-n-bussel of a big city, this time in isolation (not totally an exaggeration) has made me appreciate the silence. Maybe I should take up meditation? Liz Gilbert meditates every morning to find her balance… it might even become a trend now that EAT PRAY LOVE has made it’s theatre debut (btw, great movie!).  Ummm, and I could find my chakras while biking, right? AHHH, what will I do without my bike!!!!

The next few days are going to be insanity for me. Moving abroad and packing is going to be a challenge considering I only plan on taking 2 bags. Being a fashion designer, how can one fit her life in 2 bags (one being carry on)? This is going to need some major meditation and chakra help. I’ll let you know how it goes… I might even have some tips for those of you moving/travelling. In the meantime, wish me luck!

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