OBJECTIVE:  To engage the audience with raw examples of humanity based on the first memories of the interviewee would like to share. The podcast will develop with the direction of the story, bringing together an organic, fluid means of conversation.

The main focus in regards to the theme #firsts, the people chosen for interviews are people that in relation to the interviewer (ie. a friend, colleague, classmate, acquaintance, or family member) because memories (good or bad) are being brought to the surface – which make the content of a more intimate nature than the mainstream podcast. However, by doing so, this podcast will bringing to the surface the intimacy of our conversation, translating it into an audible version of thoughts and expressions; therefore, engaging the audience on a more emotional level.

#FIRSTS:  The title has been given a hashtag to evoke the audience to participate in the conversation. They can record there own #FIRSTS conversations and post it on an oline platform and by adding the hashtag it will be easily searchable. Also, #FIRSTS lends itself better to marketing campaigns once it gains traction.