The month of May-hem

How is it June already? Where did May go? Every year I have that same thought, that the month of May is so full up with: birthdays, Mother's day, dinner dates, family events, coffee meet-ups, appointments, over-time, extra curricular and those pesky "life" chores.  Not to mention, we are all just getting reacquainted with warm weather. We forget sometimes to sit and enjoy the lilacs, which are only in bloom for a short time. And by the time you sit down to appreciate the beautiful colours and smells, they are gone with the crazy June winds (we have been having recently). 

Change man, it's hard. Time moves so quickly that we forget to be present in the moment. I often find myself, planning my next move, or next sentence, or dwelling on the past (like right now, I am writing about where the heck May went!). Reality is... we are in the thick of summer season NOW, we are all trying to store up our vitamin-D and green spaces like squirrels that we forget the to really feel the breeze on our skin.

So June... here we are. I'm happy where I am and how life has made a shift (but hopefully not shifting too quickly that we miss the month of May the next year around). 



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