The Turning Point: Manifesting Change

When you are at the end of your rope and there seems to be no where to safely land. What do you do? For most people, we panic! And why wouldn't you panic? It's scary up there on that rope... holding on for dear life (maybe even by a thread), and how can you save yourself when all you can think about is falling to your (hypothetical) death? But listen, no clarity comes out of panic. Did you ever see Indiana Jones panic when a huge boulder came hurling at him? NO! If only we could think more like Indiana Jones life would be as easy a a trap door. 

My point is, that in order to jump off that seemingly scary rope you need to start getting a grip on life. Stop. Breathe. And think of possible ways to use your Indiana power.  Is there a (metaphorical) rock near by (a.k.a. a good friend)? Can you swing to a safer area to land? Can you use the rope as a zip-cord?

Manifesting change starts with the idea of change.

I know this is true because just seven months ago my rope became very fine and brittle, the more knots I tried to tie, the more my rope began to break. I had some clarity tho once I accepted that I was falling and that is when I began to think like Indiana.  

The idea of where my life could go was getting me excited, just the idea... that desire for change made me really manifest something I never thought possible. But only a couple short months later I was laid off from my job and positive things started happening! 

So, on this April 1st my friend and I had come up with a plan to track our progress of manifesting. The plan is not fully realized just yet, but there has been little seedlings planted in hopes that in a few months from now it will grow into a bigger plan - which is to be presented as an art project next year. 

I am SURE you all have big ideas... but the REAL test in that turning point is, how Indiana Jones are you?