Bad Girl: BE GOOD

I have been a bad girl, I know.

This idea of manifesting is hard when you need to keep on top of the fluff that goes on in every day life; plus, I will have to admit...writing is not a forte of mine, so sitting down to write isn't always easy.

However, I do have great strength when it comes to committing to something. When I say I am going to do something - I do it! You can ask any one, when my mind is stuck on something I cannot let it go... this goes for passions, conversations that I think went really badly, or even those ideas I have never developed (oh, yes, even the ideas won't go away until I have exhausted the possibility of its possibilities). Which makes this writing another task in my brain that just won't go away until I do it. However, it has (and will be) a great opportunity to see what happens in the next year in connection this manifesting project.

Hmm, what I have learned so far? To be kind to yourself... maybe not every idea needs a special moment in the sun. Taking time for yourself might be what you need and that is okay too. So be bad, even if that means being good (to yourself). 


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