Speak Up: This Ain't "Telephone"

Like in the game telephone, there are words that can be misconceived when speaking at a whisper. Which is why this game is NEVER good in business or in building relationships, but we do it all the time! Whether it's not speaking to the person directly, or through text messages, via email, or just not communicating all together. Why do we do this? It's frustrating and it makes the situation a heck of a lot more mixed up then it was to begin with... so why can't we just SPEAK UP!?!

Over the past few weeks I felt like I had been playing telephone and not getting any results - for the obvious reasons (as mentioned above). So this week I took matters into my own hands! I presented the board with a proposal of action to take over operations. It will be a huge undertaking because it will mean moving to Peru for a couple months out of the year, but this is what needs to happen in order to get this business off the ground. Not to mention, it also falls in-line with a life goal to be living in a warm climate during the Canadian winter months. 

So... there you have it - be direct. It will save you the long "telephone" line of miscommunication. 

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