Trend Forecaster + Designer + Consultant


Perception, memory and imagination 

are in constant interaction.

- Juhani Pallasmaa, "The Eye of the Skin"


Accolades :

  • Masters scholarship recipient (valued at 26,000 euro) to Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy ~ Fashion Trend Forecasting Masters (2017).

  • Mattel Barbie TFI’s 25th Anniversary Runway Gala 2012: featured designer in Flare Magazine and on CBC News.     

  • Mercedes-Benz Canadian Start-up Plan: 1 of 5 runway show finalists (Montreal, 2011).

  • Elle Canada TFI New Labels: 1st place winner, featured in Elle Canada Magazine (August 2009).

  • Le Chateau Junior Girl Competition: 2nd prize winner of 40 entrants (2003).

Faren is a trend forecaster, fashion designer and consultant from Toronto, Canada, who currently resides in Florence, Italy. She successfully graduated (2005) Ryerson Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Fashion Design and minoring in Sociology. Recently, Faren was awarded a full scholarship to Polimoda International Institute, where she completed her Masters in Fashion Trend Forecasting.

Trend forecasting requires an awareness of all aspects of society — politics, psychology, history, art, design, architecture, globalization, business, film, music and technology — in order to extract the patterns and connect the dots. This style guru thrives on collecting data from research and observation. Beyond the formal structure of academia, Faren draws on her innate ability to observe trends with confidence, curiosity and clarity.

She enjoys woodworking and has a deep love for anything on two wheels. Faren is currently available for design/brand consults, art direction (video, photography, interior, lifestyle brand store concept — you name it), custom tailoring and trend research projects.

CV available upon request or click the LinkedIn icon below...